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Children and Worship

Sunday Mornings
Sunday morning worship services are at 8:30 (Traditional - Sanctuary) and 9:45 (Modern - Family Life Center) and a Chapel Service at 11:00.  Sunday School for preschoolers is at 8:30 and 9:45.  For children in kindergarten to grade 5 will be 9:30 and 10:00 in Robinson Hall.  Our worship experience is enriched as we gather together to experience and praise God.  First and foremost, children of all ages are ALWAYS welcome in worship. Family Worship Kits with worship engagement manipulatives are available to guide children in worship as they pray and learn about God. Nursery Care is available for children up to age 5.

Children are also invited to serve in worship as acolytes, liturgists and participate in special services throughout the year. Our hope is to provide a variety of choices for families. Look for more information at our Children’s Welcome Table and find worship activities for all ages at our Worship Engagement Shelf.

Children and Communion
The United Methodist Church practices open Communion not limited to an age. What a blessing it is to think that our children may never know a time they weren’t welcome at the Lord’s Table! Communion is served on the first Sunday of the month at Faith United. Children may leave for Sunday School at the beginning of the service and return to worship at the end of the service so families can share Communion together.

Faith United values creating opportunities for children and families to experience Christ and explore their faith questions. Come-Union is an opportunity for Pastors Steve and Cara and our staff to spend a few moments with you and your children to answer questions you or they may have about the sacrament of Communion as the leftover bread and juice is consumed. This is a tangible and symbolic way to experience the abundance of God’s grace as it overflows from the Lord’s Table.

Family Prayer Ground
At Faith United, we welcome children of all ages as important members of the body of Christ, and we welcome the sounds and activity that accompany their wiggles and their wonder as they learn about God! There are a number of spaces and activities designed for children to experience and participate in worship according to their need. Coming to Faith United’s 9:45 Modern Worship this September will be one new option, the Family Prayer Ground! The Family Prayer Ground will be located in the front-right section of the Family Life Center. Because kids are short and pay more attention when they can see what’s going on, this area in the front of our worship space is designed for children to quietly engage in age-appropriate activities while experiencing worship along with their families. The Family Prayer Ground will consist of carpet squares, two small tables with child-sized chairs, and worship manipulatives from our Worship Engagement shelf. Rocking chairs will be available at the Family Prayer Ground for parents and grandparents.

In an effort to accommodate the variety of needs of families, the Family Prayer Ground will be an option for families in addition to our staffed Nursery and Sunday School programs. Faith United’s Spiritual Formation and Worship Arts Ministry Teams have been collaborating, planning and preparing for our Family Prayer Ground over the last several years and are excited to see this come to fruition with funding from the Rhonda Wozny Memorial. Rhonda loved children and supporting them and learning from them as they experienced God.

Sensory Manipulatives
Because Faith United recognizes and values that God created each of us to be special and unique, we provide a variety of sensory manipulatives for worship and classroom use. Weighted animals, finger labyrinths, fidgets, noise reducing headphones, flexible seating, and worship manipulatives are available so all persons can find comfort as they worship and learn and grow in faith. We are Sensory Inclusive Certified with KultureCity.

Wednesday Night Dinner Worship
Wednesday Night Dinner Worship is a mid-week opportunity for worship, fellowship, fun and study for all ages. The evening begins with a meal and worship experience at 5:45pm followed by programs, activities and studies for children, youth and adults.

Joyful Noise Children’s Choir, Wednesday’s 5:00-5:45pm.  Children in grades K-5 are welcome to join us for a fun musical experience! If you like music, this is for you! Continue on after choir with dinner and the other Wednesday activities Faith Church offers.  Praising God in song, Sandy Wallace, Joyful Noise Director

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