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Children's Ministry

Faith United remains very active during the Pandemic. Out of love and care for everyone’s safety and well-being, virtually every ministry activity has continued in a way that is safe. We invite you to get connected through one or more of the many opportunities at Faith United and join us online for our Sunday Worship, Wednesday Night Live and our many programs, groups, and activities for adults, youth and children. Check back often for the latest updates.

Celebrate Wonder activities are great for the whole family and are designed to guide children from Nursery – 5th Grade and their families through Bible stories, creative experiences, spiritual practices, and opportunities for reflection to ask questions and engage their natural sense of awe, wonder, imagination and curiosity. Read the Bible story with your children and pick one or two of the activities to do together with your family! Enjoy exploring faith together as you learn, grow and wonder about God together.

Celebrate Wonder

Week Five Wonder Questions:

What makes you laugh?

What helps you have faith in God?

How do you respond when something unexpected happens?

Week Four Wonder Questions:

Is it hard or easy to have faith? Why?

Do you know someone who has a strong faith?

Week Three Wonder Questions:

What are some things in the world that need our attention and care?

What are ways that you see people helping and making a difference?

Week Two Wonder Question:

What’s your favorite part of creation?

Week One Wonder Questions:

What beautiful things do you see during the day?

What beautiful things do you see at night?

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Celebrate Wonder because you are awesome
God saw how good you are