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Christmas Eve Anthem Virtual Choir

Christmas virtual choir

Faith United is now recording individual singers for our Christmas Eve Anthem – “The Music of Christmas” by Joseph M. Martin

We welcome anyone who has basic singing skills age 15 and above to sign up.

The anthem will be included in our Christmas Eve Online Worship video posted on YouTube and our Website on December 24.

To be a part of this exciting project, follow these steps:

      1. Click on this link to complete a registration form
      2. Schedule a time to be recorded by going to
        Dates for recording are: Nov. 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, Dec. 1, 7 and 8
      3. Wait to receive an email from Choir Director Mike Wiley with the sheet music attached
      4. Practice your part on your own singing with the recorded piano accompaniment
        Download Piano Accompaniment.

        1. Alto
        2. Bass
        3. Soprano
        4. Tenor
      5. Arrive 5 minutes before your recording time and wait in the church Narthex to be called up to the balcony for recording
        If you are unable to climb stairs, please request accessible recording accommodations with Mike Wiley. A special recording date will need to be arranged. Please bring and wear a mask that you feel comfortable wearing while singing.

Recordings will be conducted in the following manner to reduce the risks of spreading coronavirus

  1. Recordings are scheduled in 45 minute blocks:
  2. 25 minutes for run through your part music and to record
  3. 20 minutes for replacing and sterilizing the air in the recording room
    10 minutes of two fans running on high speed with two windows open replacing the air in the room 5 to 6 times with fresh air
    10 minutes for virucidal spray (Neutra-Stat 64) to sterilize the air in the room. See attached stats on Neutra-Stat 64, recommended as effective for killing viruses, including the coronavirus.
  4. You are required to wear a singer’s mask during the whole time
  5. Mike Wiley, Choir Director and Dustin Smith, Videographer will be present with you maintaining ten feet or more distance
    Dustin is using a zoom lens to maximize distance

Disclaimer: While we are taking extra precautions (outlined above) to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus, there are still risks. By participating in this project, you agree to accept the risks and not hold Faith United or any of its parties responsible should you contract coronavirus. By participating, you also understand and give permission for us to use the video recording of you in our edited video that will be posted on YouTube, Facebook and our website and possibly on other media.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Wiley, Choir director at

Example Video of a Virtual Choir

Example Video of “The Music of Christmas