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Thank you for your continued giving. Your faithful support is allowing the church to do vital ministries for our congregation, community, and the world! We invite you to consider giving online. Visit our online Giving page. If you have questions or need assistance, contact Sharyl Syler, Director of Finance and Administration – 330 499-6040 ext. 101 or Church finances are transparent and monthly finance reports are available upon request. We encourage all of us to prayerfully grow in our generosity, considering:

  • The Biblical example of giving a tithe or 10% of your income is a life-changing practice of gratitude that recognizes that all we have is from God. Many have testified that giving a tithe or even growing toward giving a tithe has been a significant source of joy and peace in their lives.
  • Second Mile Giving – also known as “Designated Giving” is giving toward particular ministries or mission efforts that resonate in our hearts. This giving is called “second mile giving” because it is usually given as an addition to regular weekly or monthly giving to the whole ministry of the church.
  • Stock Transfers – this is a great way to support the ministries and mission of the church while saving on taxes. Some members use stock transfers as a regular way of giving, others use it for a larger (often one-time) gift.
  • Planned Giving – is a way to leave a legacy for the development of new ministries in the future. In addition, by including Faith United in your will, you provide a powerful, memorable witness to your family and friends about the important place Faith United has had in your life. For a confidential consultation including guidance and referrals for estate planning, contact Sharyl Syler.

Online Giving click here