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God Sightings: Looking for Hope during the Pandemic

During times of crisis, like our current pandemic situation, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Intentionally looking for ways God is at work, seeing good in the midst of chaos, sharing hope and encouragement are all ways to help us as we navigate these challenging circumstances.

God Sighting is a powerful spiritual discipline. When this spiritual practice becomes part of our daily life, when we are looking, we see God at work. This spiritual discipline is also referred to as the awareness of God’s presence, practicing attentiveness, or practicing the presence of God. In order to practice attentiveness, we must first listen for God and watch for God’s actions in our lives and community. Looking for God invites us to see the world through fresh eyes.

As we navigate the days and weeks to come, we invite you to share your God Sightings, or ways you see God at work in the world as a measure of hope and encouragement for all! May the God Sightings shared remind us all of the wonder and hope of our amazing God.



Alleluia posters! The congregation's alleluia posters are God Sightings for all who see them! - Kathy

My family shared meal prep for Easter Sunday. These are containers of sweet potato casserole with a message taped to each. We each ate separately in our own home. - Sue S

Christ is risen! - Sue B

Family dropping off a Starbucks for me. That's my granddaughter holding up a 'Love You' sign and me in the doorway. - Sue S

Pictures my neighbor sent me. - Carol

During Holy Week, I enjoy looking at the postcards from the Holy Land my son sent to me when he served in Desert Storm. – Sue

What if everyone placed a palm or green branch on the door or a window of their home during Holy Week?  I loved the idea of decorating our doors with palms or other green branches! We may not be inside the church to celebrate this Holy season, but WE ARE the church called to share the good news! I hope that people can see the SON during these dark days. - Jeanne

Supporting our restaurants and reaching out to those who are housebound by ordering a meal to be delivered to them. - Pam

The quilt group continues to make quilts for Aultman NICU. I put the quilts together and Elise sews them. I then get them to Betsy for her to do the knots. All this is porch drop off. Elise and I are going to begin making face masks - Nan

One of our Wednesday Night leaders, Bethany, and her husband have struggled with infertility and pregnancy loss. Bethany is entering her 3rd trimester. It is a God Sighting to see her sweet baby bump and hear she and baby are doing well!

Help from Ohio National Guard to bring food from the Akron Canton Food Bank to Faith Kitchen. Jesus came in a truck! - Betty

Playing Sorry on FaceTime with Nonny and Pa. - Laura

Receiving a text from a family member who I haven't heard from in 2 years. He wanted to know if I was okay and how I was getting along!

Spreading cheer around North Canton. - Megan

A God sighting yesterday on our walk! It has been nice to get outside and be active with the kids. Spring is here! - Megan

Seeing folks using the parks to their advantage to exercise outside for fresh air while also taking precautions when walking. - Estela

Finding encouraging sidewalk chalk messages and spring flowers on a walk today. - Steve and Cara

Connecting with people in creative ways! Blessed by the hearts of people who are willing to learn new skills. - Kathy

Laura shares she is inspired by what is being shared in the news:

  • College students in New York buying groceries for the elderly who can't get out.
  • Two Cavaliers players and other professional basketball and baseball team owners donating money to support the arena workers who will not be working.
  • When Restaurants were still open, people leaving extremely large tips.
  • Praying at home with friends at a specific time.
  • 1000 retired and private duty nurses and doctors volunteering to help battle corona virus.
  • Women passing out bags on doorsteps with notes asking for food donations; then returning to pick them up and deliver them.
  • Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavalier players donating money to food banks.
  • Family serenading their 100 year old Grandma from outside her window in a nursing home.
  • Parade of honking, decorated cars slowly parading past a little boy in his driveway to wish him a happy 5th birthday.
  • ESPN announcers receiving requests for financial help and responding with purchases like diapers and paying rent.
  • A movie star couple donated a million dollars to be split between USA and Canadian food banks.
  • Young neighbors and friends offering to pick up groceries.
  • A UMC pastor in Wilmington, NC is reading The Hobbit one chapter a day on Facebook.
  • Grad students in Chattanooga are partnering with the Housing Authority to phone senior citizens living in government housing. Another group in Chattanooga is collecting puzzle books, books, colored pencils, etc to give to seniors to help pass the time.