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Is It Time To Dispose, Donate Or Re-Purpose?

Most everything has a long, useful lifespan, but we all know the day will come when it no longer serves us. Depending on what it is and the reason it is no longer useful can help determine what to do with the item. Many of us used to throw away items into the trash without giving it a second thought. Today most items can be recycled. We encourage you to use your local recycling drop for plastics, glass, metals and paper. Involve your children with separating and bring them along to help in dumping into the bins. Find ways to make it fun or interesting for them, you are teaching a lifetime of environmental awareness.

Ask yourself, can I re-purpose this it something useful and maybe save some money in the process by not buying something. Many household items have a second and third chance of serving a need. Even items such as packaging materials can be re-used. Before tossing it away, think about does it have any other use.

Donating your items is another way of disposal. Ask your church to see if they are looking for donations, many of the ministries are looking for materials to help serve them. Goodwill will take many items and is tax deductible. Think before tossing.