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What is a labyrinth?

The labyrinth is a spiritual tool that many people use to grow closer to God. It is found in all religious traditions in various forms around the world. The labyrinth represents a journey, a pilgrimage, an intentional time to seek God.

Labyrinths can be large for walking, indoors or outdoors, and small designed for your fingers to walk. You can even walk a labyrinth on your computer screen using your mouse. Unlike a maze, there are no dead ends or false paths. Simply follow the path to the center. As the path winds, it becomes a reflection for where we are in our lives; touching sorrows and releasing joys.

​There is no right or wrong way to experience the labyrinth. Trace or walk the labyrinth without words, sing it, pray, or repeat a few lines of scripture. Feel free to skip, run, crawl or dance as you journey. Use whatever means might help you to open yourself to God’s presence. As you ‘walk’ the labyrinth be aware of your spiritual focus and how you are drawn to God. Journey with an open heart and mind!

Finger Labyrinths are also available in Faith United's Prayer Room (room 5) for personal reflection and at the Worship Engagement Station in the back of the Sanctuary and Family Life Center for use by persons of all ages during worship.

Check back soon for upcoming dates when Faith United's Indoor Labyrinth will be available for prayer and reflection.

walking the Labyrinth
Labyrinth and girl