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Meet the Youth Team

The Youth Ministry Team at Faith United care deeply about our students and want to help them grow closer to God. Whether it is through building relationships, planning activities, leading worship, or just generally being there, the Youth Leaders work hard to see the students grow in their faith. Here are some things about them:

Amy Ferguson- Youth Director

Amy has been the Youth Director at Faith United since 2017. As the Youth Director she is responsible for all Youth programs, events, volunteers, teaching, and anything and everything Youth related. Her favorite part of Youth Ministry is the relationships she has been able to develop over the years with the students. In her free time she enjoys being a mom to her 2 kids, Elijah and Eden, and 2 step-kids, Levi and Hannah. She also enjoys making music, reading, and keeping up on current events. The youth at Faith United are an extension of family to Amy and the students have the ability to put a constant smile on her face!

Amy Ferguson

Cheryl Wahl- Youth Ministry Team Leader

As the Youth Ministry Team Leader Cheryl is instrumental in decision making, visioning, and general assistance with all things Youth Ministry. Cheryl attends the full church Ministry Council meetings, is on the Mission Trip Committee, assists with budgeting, finding volunteers, event assistance, and is an overall support system for the Youth Director and the entire Youth Ministry. In her free time Cheryl enjoys scrapbooking and gardening. Her favorite part of Youth Ministry is working with our fantastic students at Faith! Cheryl's work helps provide the much needed backbone for the youth ministry. Her servant heart emulates as she helps manage all of the details, we are so very grateful for Cheryl!

James Ferguson- Youth Ministry Team Co Leader

James is the Youth Ministry Team Co-Leader, a Youth Volunteer, the Youth Worship Team Leader, and a member of the Youth Mission Trip Committee. James also assists with Youth Events, Starbucks runs, and is the guy who does the things no one else wants to do. His favorite thing about doing youth ministry is getting to know and laughing with the students and doing special events. In his free time James likes to nerd out on playing and writing music and hanging out with his kids. James is an integral member of the youth ministry team. His passion and care for the students and his willingness to do anything to help them is extraordinary. The students laugh a ton when James is around and we are all very thankful for his help in ministry!

Pam Wig- Youth Volunteer

Pam is a Youth Volunteer who has been doing youth ministry for over 40 years. As a volunteer Pam is currently leading the Youth Drama & Game Team, helping with the Youth Worship Band, and basically doing anything Amy asks! Pam loves that Youth Ministry helps keep her young. In her free time she enjoys playing guitar and working on crafts. Pam is an anchor in Faith United's Youth Volunteer Team. The students trust and look up to Pam for her guidance and wisdom. Her passion for the youth and excitement as she serves is contagious. We love Pam!

Amanda Englehart- Youth Volunteer

Amanda is a Youth Volunteer who assists with activities and discussions during Youth Group. She is also a Confirmation Mentor and a member of the Mission Trip Committee. Amanda enjoys seeing the students have fun doing activities and missions that help them learn about God's love for them. In her free time she likes to read and spend time outdoors. Amanda's commitment and passion for the youth is steady and sure. She is wonderful at connecting with our students and we are grateful for the work she does!

Kevin Crowl- Youth Volunteer

Kevin Crowl is a Youth Volunteer who assists with "crowd control" during Youth Group and helps with all things technology related. His favorite thing about helping with the youth is hanging out with the students and building relationships. In his free time Kevin enjoys cooking and playing piano. Kevin is instrumental in our Youth Volunteer Team. His easy conversations with the students often end in laughter. His concern and care for structure help keep things on track and we are so grateful for Kevin setting an excellent example for the youth!

Ashton Crowl- Youth Volunteer

Ashton is a Youth Volunteer who helps during Sunday Night Youth Group. Her favorite part of Youth Ministry is being able to talk to the students as they come to excitedly share their lives with her. In her free time she enjoys being a mommy and snuggling her baby daughter Emma, reading Harry Potter, and napping. Ashton is a true caretaker for our youth. Her nursing skills have come in handy more than once and we are so thankful for her calm and caring presence!