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Stepping Stones for the Journey

This Tuesday, February 4, 6:30-8:30, in Wesley Hall, will be a brief called Church Board meeting followed by our annual “Ministry Launch”. The events are open to anyone in the church to attend, while all persons serving on a ministry team in any capacity are especially encouraged to attend – particularly if you are new to a ministry team in 2020. The Board meeting will vote on one agenda item related to the Sanctuary Refurbishment project. The Ministry Launch will equip all of us for the year ahead – providing tools for us to follow the best practices to enhance our communications, meetings, outreach, mission and overall effectiveness for the mission:

  • being disciples, making disciples, and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ;
  • being God’s agents of transformation in our communities and throughout the world, and
  • being bold and courageous leaders in reaching new people, younger people, and a more diverse people.
  • See you Tuesday, for just such a time as this!

Pastors Steve and Jake