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Women of the Hebrew Bible

If you are not used to the term "Hebrew Bible" it is helpful to think of it simply as the Bible Jesus used and lived by. In our Bible, the Hebrew Bible is Genesis through Malachi, often referred to as the "Old Testament".

The Hebrew Bible provides the foundation for Gods saving work through God's people, the Israelites as well as through several non-Israelites. Written in a predominately patriarchal society, it is quite remarkable that there are so many women who played vital roles in the sharing and living out of God's saving work.

Contained within this wonderful collection of books are the stories of women who passed on the faith from one generation to the next, who stood up for justice, and who had a deep, abiding relationship with God. These women are pillars to the foundation of our own faith, and in this series, we explore their stories. Join us, starting January 30, as we explore the Women of the Hebrew Bible."

Women of the Hebrew bible