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Worship by Wire Experience

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What people are saying...


I just experienced my first Worship by Wire. What a blessing! Thank you so very much for all the work that was put into developing that experience for us. I know that doing something for the first time is always challenging and time consuming. I found it very moving to sit in my own living room and know that I was still a part of a community of worshipers - many of whom were probably online at the same time.

Please express my appreciation to all the others who were involved in putting this all together - Dennis, Kathy, Cindy, Dustin and others.

This was a great example of how challenging times allow us to find new ways to maintain "normal" through God's guidance

Blessings, Patti - 3/18/2020

Thank you for taking time and making effort to continue to lead us in worshiping God together even when we must remain at a distance from each other. I am grateful for all of you!

Pam - 3/18/2020

Pastor Steve, Thank you for Worship by Wire and to all those who participated to make the video. It was very well done and meaningful.

Sue - 3/18/2020

Blessings from our home church! Thanks to all who shared in the service. Sorry, Zip (our dog) used it as a nap time!

from Connecticut
Love, Tory and Rob - 3/18/2020

Thank you so much for offering this new worship experience! Larry and I are in our Florida home this month. We got up this morning struggling with how to worship. Our local mega church is still offering morning worship services but we chose not to go. As I was scrolling through the channels for a television broadcast service I saw your email and link to worship by wire. What a pleasure it was for us to watch you and feel at home. These are trying times and it is encouraging to know that we will find creative ways to continue to live as normal a life as possible.

We look forward to seeing you and the rest of our church family when we return in April.

On a lighter note the pools and golf courses are still open here.

from Florida
Many thanks!
Cathy and Larry - 3/18/2020

Great job with the video worship service!!! It definitely was a new experience for me as well as I sat here at our computer in my robe, with a cup of tea, and went to church!

Be safe my friends! May the Lord bless you and keep you!
Terry Ann - 3/18/2020

I just watched the worship service online and was overwhelmed! All the usual parts of worship were included and the warmth and feeling of community were definately felt. Nice planning and implementing. When I started watching You Tube I was number 82 "Viewed by. When finished the # was up to 137! So people are definitely watching and experiencing worship on Sunday!

Sharyl - 3/18/2020

It was great to be able to experience worship with my dad, something he has not been able to do. It has also been fun to see people sharing about worshiping from home on Facebook. So, those views are really only the views, not the number of people viewing together.

Kathy - 3/18/2020

We really appreciated the service this morning. All the time and care that went into it, the participants, the sermon. We found so much meaning in the sermon—going through the verses, explaining them, and giving relevance for our lives today.
Thank you for still shepherding your people in such a time of crisis and uncertainty.

Ron and Laura - 3/18/2020

Great service. Excellent way to stay connected. I really appreciate the time and effort it took to put this together for the betterment of the church. If there is anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask. These are times when we must truly be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Thinking of you and praying for you, and all of the leadership and body of Faith United. Thank you so much. God bless you.


Thank you for a wonderful worship experience.

Pam - 3/18/2020

We appreciate all the effort that you made to give us a chance to worship this Sunday. It was easy and a powerful sermon. The music was neat and loved seeing Pastor Steve doing something he obviously enjoys!

Thank you so much.
Glenn and Sharon - 3/18/2020

Just a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed the service...
The sermon was so enlightening . Especially liked the delivery and how there was a reading and then an explanation ..
really well done.
Ps the music was a special touch.
Thanks Steve et al

The Pattons - 3/18/2020

Good Day Steve
Thank you to the small group of Staff and Laity who worked tirelessly, diligently, intentionally, professionally and actively to provide a very thoughtful 'virtual/wire' worship service this 3rd Sunday of Lent. The service itself was inspirational.

I was especially taken by the thoughtfulness that went into preparing the 'preparation for worship' document to assist us at home to create an environment/space in which to worship. Having all 'the tools' at hand to be involved allowed God to be present in our homes in a very meaningful way. Having the words on the screen was also a plus. A special shout out to Dustin who really pulled this together in such a short amount of time.

I also wanted to share something I heard on Brian Stelter's "Reliable Sources" CNN show today which I thought was insightful. He closed the show stating we indeed need to be distancing ourselves during this COVID 19 outbreak to keep the virus from spreading, but he preferred to use the term 'physical' distancing as opposed to 'social' distancing because we, at a time like this when we are being asked to stay home, we do need to be social: checking in with one another via email, phone calls, face time, etc. He continued we are social beings after all and that needs to continue just not in the physical sense.

In Faith
Barb - 3/18/2020

Thank you for providing a worship service to help maintain normalcy. We worshipped as a family today, and even our dog, Scout joined us. I know these are unprecedented times, but we are very grateful to have your leadership to help us all through this. May you all stay healthy and safe. Sending love and prayers.

Tallie - 3/18/2020

Congratulations! I believe Worship by Wire can be judged as a success…Well done! …and 288 visits so far! Outstanding!

Bernie - 3/18/2020

Well done!
Lynn and I watched and participated together, and we found the service to be inviting, engaging, and meaningful. The sermon felt personal and contained much to think about.

One suggestion, in case non-members base their impression of Faith United on viewing future Worship by Wire episodes: you might want emphasize up front that the church really has a strong music program that includes a great organ (which is unavailable right now because of renovations underway), some very accomplished choirs (which are practicing Social Distancing during this crisis), and inspiring professional-level staff members who lead our music program.
. . . They already perceive that we have exceptional pastoral leadership and lay leadership.

Thomas - 3/18/2020

Thanks to your playing we had liturgical dancing at our worship this morning. Thank you for all the work you all did to prepare this worship.

From Mike and girls - 3/18/2020

Awesome. Really meant a lot to both of us to be able to still worship even if over a dinner table with cups of coffee.

Very impressed with the professional way it was put together. The new PR person is definitely a keeper!!!!

Jake - 3/18/2020

Just watched today's Worship by Wire and was deeply moved.  I was able to view it on the television with Dad.  He was grateful also for the message. – Joyce – 3/22/20

Glenn and I thank you for another meaningful worship time It means so much to us. I have often wondered why did Judas betray Jesus it never made any sense to me. It was like you were answering my question and thank you. We like everything about the wire service. Love and In Christ Sharon and Glenn - 3/22/20

Thoroughly enjoyed being a part of your Sunday service. Thank you so much for doing it on line!! Watched last week too. We are still in Florida and it helps to feel a part of home. Praying for our world. 
- Jim and Chris – 3/22/20

Wow, one blessing of these times has been getting to see so many of my clergy friends preaching! I went to my own church this morning and then visited Steve & Cara's! How cool.

Hope you and yours are all staying well. All that investment you've put into faith formation and adaptive leadership is going to reap good fruit. 

Hugs across the miles, 
Jen – Colorado – 3/22/20

Just watched church!  The Wednesday night worship came on right after. Sue Weaver was playing the guitar! Not only is she a great knitter with her darling little people but she is a rock star! That is a talent she has that I didn’t know about! Yay! Sue!
Thinking of you all!  Miss you!
Digital hugs!
- Mike – 3/22/20

We loved the service today! Thank you, thank you! The kids miss coming but love seeing Kathy on the screen. During all this time, we are falling to God heavily. We are thankful for having found this church family!
See the attachment of a picture of the kiddos!  - Megan - 3/22/20

Just want to thank you for doing Sunday service on line. I have enjoyed both Steve and Cara's sermons. Wednesday night was also fun. Loved watching Pam and her emotions in the background. Good job, ya'll.
- Dorothy - Dot - 3/22/20

Invited all of our grandchildren and their special friends to Church with us today.  
I can’t help but think this situation is not all gloom and doom and is actually causing innovations; for a Reason, A Season, or A Lifetime !
Another Great Service !
Job Well Done ! – Jim – 3/22/20

As we sat as a family watching the Worship service I thought how thankful I am to be able to still Worship as a family and as a Church. Thanks to all who are making this possible! It will come to pass and we have an opportunity to be better for it!!

- Sandy – 3/22/20

Thank you again Pastors Steve and Cara and everyone who participated in today's Worship by Wire for allowing us to worship with you at home. We miss you and will continue to pray for the health and safety of everyone as well as those who are affected by job disruptions. 
We're looking forward to future online services and seeing you in person again soon!
Cathy and Larry, Florida, 3/22/20

Dearest Staff and Worship Leaders (including Sarah, Julie, and our new videographer…)
Warmest thanks for providing this experience! I found it to be such a comfort to see beloved faces and hear beloved voices so expressive of connection even over distance. I found worship incredibly moving in every aspect, and certainly meaningful and sustaining for these days. My grateful thanks for enabling us to continue to lift our voices and hearts and minds and lives in praise, thanksgiving, and hope to God who loves and sustains us always.
Peace and health to all of you!
Pam - 3/22/20

Cara and Steve,
I wanted to extend my thanks again to both of you for today’s worship experience.  I appreciate the extra effort and planning that this must take in a challenging time.  

It was so wonderful to see your faces and hear your voices again, leading us in worship!  It was like a drink of cool water when you’ve been walking in a desert place. One of the times that I felt especially engaged and part of the worship was during the singing of the hymns. Seeing your faces and hearing your voices made me feel a part of it, with you. Cara, it was helpful that you were up front, to hear your voice, and as you often looked up during the singing, it felt like I was there too, connected with you.  And Sarah’s accompaniment was awesome, as always!! Wow! I’m glad she could be there, and trust that she kept physical distance to take care of herself.  

I appreciate your efforts to include both traditional and contemporary music. It was great to see James and Amy with their family!

Steve, your words in the announcement and your prayers helped me feel more connected to the whole community, and lifted my hopes.  

Cara, your sermon was powerful and personal. I learned details I didn’t know about Judas. I had some wondering about his reasons for becoming a betrayer that I can talk with you about some time.  More importantly, it was personally moving and grace filled. When you were looking in the mirror and started to cry, I was crying with you. Such sadness and hope mingled together. 

I am so grateful for you both. Thank you a thousand times. I trust you are taking care of yourselves.  
- Cindy - 3/22/20

Just wanted to say, " Thanks for another great worship service. " I used my "man cave" as my worship place, and brought the dog along with me. As soon as the service was over,  my battery on the laptop died. The Lord works in mysterious ways.     Dave – 3/22/20

I really can't believe it's been two days, since watching the church service online! I wanted to get a quick line out to you and tell you we enjoyed attending the "12:10 p.m. service". We relaxed in a love seat, with a view of the bright blue sky and enjoyed a cup of coffee, while worshiping with the crew there at Faith. We attended our living room service in sweats, after the unusual opportunity to sleep in. It was especially nice to be able to hit pause and run to the bathroom! (Talk to anyone on heart meds...they can explain!)

All my sarcasm and joking aside, this was the first time I have viewed an attempt by our church to do a service online. While I am sure the staff can pinpoint areas they feel they need to improve, the overall online experience was really, really nice. Some of the portions felt awkward, not because of what was done, but because I have 54 years of experience of doing it all in person. Nothing can beat the in person experience! I really appreciate the efforts of the staff in providing this service. The chance to have familiar, friendly faces was a true blessing! 

So, I think the entire crew did a great job pulling off this event. By the time we are able to move about freely, Faith will be experts in this field! - Brian, March 17, 2020

worship by wire video
Pastor Steve giving sermon

from Tory and Rob

Dennis and Steve playing instruments

from Tory and Rob

dog sleeping

Zip – from Tory and Rob

girls watching sermon

From Mike and girls

baby watching Cara and Cindy sing


children watching video sermon

Watching Children's Worship

toddler watching sermon

Watching Children's Worship